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"It is wise to listen, not to me but to the Logos, and to confess that all things are one."

Welcome, wanderer.

This website features and links to content of esoteric and philosophical matters — one of my major interests. Nevertheless, when I speak of philosophy, I do not mean it in a scholarly fashion, as scholar analysis has led to the eventual distortion of ancient philosophy. Philosophy, as it began, was never meant to be analysed with the rational mind — Peter Kingsley understood that very well when he wrote Reality , making it very clear that these ancient philosophers were spiritual guides and teachers, not just mere theorists; at the same time, they themselves were being guided by "gods" or "spirits".

One must go back to the ancient ideas of Panpsychism and Pantheism to learn about the subjects of interests present on this site. Yet, philosophy has never fully satisfied my curiosity of the mysterious. I suppose I felt there was still something missing. And so I find myself looking into esoteric-termed texts for answers. I don't intend to find the absolute truth, only to hopefully get a little closer. Nor do I intend to post here every philosophy, channeling, conspiracy theory, etc. that I find — only that which resonates with me, and that's sparse. However, annexes of subjects mentioned in the main pages may be added, too.

I share this with passion, and I hope that what follows, as well as its subsequent updates, is of any interest to you.