Genesis » the Creation Story

(Extract from Drunvalo Melchizedek's The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, describing how Creation came to be.)

Egyptian and Christian Versions

We're going to begin with a realization that the Christian and the Egyptian understandings of Reality are almost identical. The Christian understanding is derived from the Egyptian. Here are the first three sentences of the Christian Bible: “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep, and the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, ‘Let there be light,' and there was light.”

To begin with, this statement that the Earth was without form until it came out of the Void, out of nothing, is exactly what the Egyptians believed. It's also what many other religions believe. Both Egyptian and Christian religions believe that all that's needed to start the process of creation is nothing and spirit, and when those two concepts are brought together, then all things can be created. They believe that creation begins by the movement of spirit. In the second sentence it says, “The earth was without form and void” and that the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. Then in the very next sentence, God says, “Let there be light.” The movement happened first, then the light happened immediately after.

According to the Egyptian belief, one tiny detail was left out of the current Christian Bibles. It isn't necessarily wrong in the older Bibles, though. There are 900 versions of the Bible in the world, and in many of the older ones the first sentence says, “In the beginning there were six.” It starts out in other ways too; it's been changed many times over the years.

The ancient Egyptians would say that the way our modern Bibles begin creation is impossible, especially if you think about it from a physics point of view. Imagine a dark, infinite space that goes on forever and ever in all directions. There's nothing in it—just infinite space with nothing in it. Imagine yourself—not your body, but your consciousness—being in the middle of that. You're just floating there with nothing. You can't really fall, because where would you fall to? You wouldn't know if you're falling down or going up or off to the side; in fact, there's no way to experience any motion at all.

From a purely physics or mathematical point of view, motion itself, or kinetic energy, is absolutely impossible in a void. You can't even rotate, because motion cannot become real until there's at least one other object in the space around you. There has to be something to move relative to. If you don't have something relative to move to, how would you know you're moving? I mean, if you went up thirty feet, how would you know that? There's no change. With no change, there's no movement. So the ancient Egyptians would say that before God “moved upon the face of the waters,” He/She had to first create something to move relative to.

Now, think of yourself standing in a dark room, near the door to a second room. You are ready to go into the second room, which is very, very dark. You can barely see the door leading into it. You go into the second room, close the door behind you, and it's pitch black.

When you're faced with that situation, you have the ability to project a sensing beam from your third-eye area, and you can also sense from your hands. (You can actually sense from any chakra, but people usually do it from their third eye or their hands.) You can project a beam of consciousness into that dark room for a certain distance. It might go only an inch, or maybe you can feel outward a foot or two, and you just know that nothing (or something) is in that space. Your consciousness goes out this distance and then it stops. Your knowingness quits, and you don't know what's beyond that. You probably all know what I'm talking about, though a lot of us have allowed that sense to retreat because we rely on our eyes so much.

But some people, especially the ancient Egyptians, were really good at this. They could go into a dark room and feel all around and know if anything was there even though they couldn't see a thing with their eyes. There are blind people who can also demonstrate this ability.

We actually have six of these sensing rays—not just one, but six. They all come from the center of our heads, the pineal gland. One ray comes out the front of our head at the third eye and another goes out the back; one goes out of the left and another out of the right side of our brain; and another goes straight up through the crown chakra and the sixth straight down through our neck—the six directions. These are the same directions of the x-y-z axes of geometry. The Egyptians believed that this innate aspect of consciousness is what allows creation to begin. They believed that if we didn't have this ability, creation would never have happened.

In order to understand this process of creation on the deepest level, Egyptian students were told to imagine and enact the process we are about to go through. The following description is how they explained and practiced it in their mystery schools. The way they learned isn't the only way it could have been done, but this is how they were trained.

The dark background in this picture represents the Great Void, and the little eye represents the spirit of God [Fig. 5-25]. So here's the spirit of God existing in the Void, out in nothing. Imagine that you're that little spirit in the middle of the Void. (When you're in the Great Void, by the way, you will realize that you and God are one, that there is no difference at all.) After hanging out in the Void for a long time, you probably would get bored or curious or lonely, and you would want to try something new, to have some new adventure in your life.

First Create a Space

So spirit, the single Eye, shoots a beam of consciousness out into the Void. It shoots this beam first to the front, then to the back, then to the left, then the right, then straight up and straight down [Fig. 5-26]. Realize that whatever distance you project out front, you project the same distance out back, also to the left, the right and up and down. The consciousness beam projects the same distance in all six directions for any one individual. Even though each one of us is different in how far we can project this beam (one of us might project an inch, another two feet and another fifty feet), there is equality in all six directions. So spirit projects those beams outward in those six directions, defining space: north, south, east, west, up and down.

This might be why the American Indians and native people all around the world find the six directions so important. Have you ever noticed this in their ceremonies, how important it is that they define the directions? It's also important in the Kabala, in some of the meditations they do.

Next, Enclose the Space

In the mystery schools, after they've projected these six beams in the six directions, the next thing they do is connect the ends of these projections. This forms a diamond, or square, around them [Fig. 5-27]. Of course, when it's at the angle shown in this diagram, it looks like a rectangle, but you can see that it would actually be a square. So they make a little square around their point of consciousness. Then from the square they send a beam up to the top, forming a pyramid around the base of the square [Fig. 5-28].

After they create the pyramid on top, they then send a beam down to the bottom point, forming a pyramid below [Fig. 5-29]. If you look at this in actual 3D space, the two back-to-back pyramids form an octahedron. Here's another rendition of the octahedron [Fig. 5-30].

Remember that this is just spirit. You don't have a body in the Great Void; you're just spirit. So you're in the Great Void, and you've created this field around you. Now, once you've defined the space by mapping out the Fig. 5-30. Octahedron around spirit, octahedron with two back-to-back pyramids, you have an object. Kinetic energy or movement is now possible; something is now possible that was not possible before. Spirit can move outside the shape and move around it. It can go in any direction for miles and miles, then come back and have a center place for everything. The other thing spirit can do is remain stationary in the middle of the shape, letting the shape move instead. The shape can rotate or wobble or move in all possible ways. So relative movements are now possible.

Then Spin the Shape to Create a Sphere

The octahedron the students created this way had three axes—front to back, left to right, and up and down. They were told to spin the shape around one of the axes—it didn't matter which, and it didn't matter which direction. They would spin it one way or the other, then they would spin the shape once around another axis, and once around the third axis. With just one spin around each of the three axes, they traced the parameters of a perfect sphere. Before the students were allowed to move their own point of consciousness, they were taught to spin this octahedral form and create a sphere around themselves.

It has been agreed upon by everyone involved in sacred geometry that I know of, that a straight line is male and any curved line is female. Thus one of the most male forms is a square or a cube, and one of the most female forms is a circle or a sphere. Since the octahedron that spirit projected is made up of only straight lines, it's a male shape; and since the sphere is made of only curved lines, it's a female shape. What the Egyptians did was to create a male form and then convert it to a female form. They went from maleness to femaleness.

This same story is related through the Bible where Adam was created first, and then from Adam, or out of Adam's rib, was created the female. Of course, the image of spirit inside the sphere is also the image of the school.

Sacred geometry started when spirit made its first projection into the Void and created the first octahedron around itself. The Void is infinite—nothing in it—and these forms being created are also nothing. They're just imaginary lines created out of consciousness. This gives you an indication of what Reality is—nothing. The Hindus call Reality maya, which means illusion.

Spirit can sit in the middle of its first creation for a long time [Fig. 5-31], but eventually it'll make a decision to do something. To re-create this process, mystery school students were given instructions to reenact the same motions that spirit took. Two simple instructions are all that's required to create and complete everything in the entire universe.

The First Motion in Genesis

Remember that spirit is now sitting in a sphere. The instructions are to move to that which is newly created, then project another sphere exactly like the first. That does something very special and unique. This is an absolutely foolproof system for creating Reality. You cannot make a mistake no matter what you do. All you do is move to what is newly created and project another sphere the same size as the first one. In this system, since nothing exists except this bubble in the Void, and the inside of the bubble is the same as the outside, the only thing that's new or different is the membrane itself, the surface of the sphere.

So consciousness decides to go to the surface. It makes no difference where it goes on the surface; it can go anywhere. It doesn't make any difference how it gets there either, whether it goes in a straight line or curves or spirals out or explores every speck of space in between. It can be really creative; it doesn't make any difference. But somehow or another it will end up somewhere on the surface of the sphere.

For purposes of this example we'll say spirit went up to the top (just to be symmetrical and easier to deal with). Anyway, spirit, this little single eye, lands on the surface [Fig. 5-32]. It has just made the first motion in Genesis: “And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.” And the very next thing was: “God said, ‘Let there be light,' and there was light.”

At this point spirit knows how to do only one thing—actually, it knows how to do two things, but the end result is one. It knows (1) how to project the little octahedron and create a sphere and (2) how to move to what's newly created. That's it, a very simple Reality. So once it arrives on the surface, it makes another octahedron, spins it through the three axes and forms another sphere identical in size to the first one. It's identical in size because its ability to project into the Void is the same. Nothing has changed in that respect. So it creates a second sphere exactly the same size as the first.

The Vesica Piscis, through Which Light Is Created

When it does that, it has done something that, in terms of sacred geometry, is very special. It has formed a vesica piscis at the intersection of the two spheres [Fig. 5-33]. Have you ever seen two soap bubbles together? When two soap bubbles intersect, a line or a circle goes around their linkage. If you were looking at the two bubbles from the side, the newly formed section would look like a line, but if you were looking down at the two bubbles from the top, you would see the newly created form's circumference inside the larger spheres.

The vesica piscis circumference is symmetrical to, and smaller than, the circumference of the larger spheres. In other words, it would appear from the side like a straight line [Fig. 5-34, center], and from the top like a circle [right]. Even though the vesica piscis is usually two-dimensional like a coin, its three-dimensional aspect is just as valid. If you were to take it out of the middle of the two spheres, it would look similar to a football, like Figure 5-35.

I cannot prove this to you now, but later in this book I'll be able to prove that this image is light. It's the geometric image through which light was created. It's also the geometric image through which your eyes were created, which receive light. Besides light, it's also the image of the patterns that are connected to your emotions and many, many other aspects of life. This is the basic geometry of the electromagnetic field. It's too simple to understand here. I have to wait until things get more complex; then I can explain it. I'll show you that the first motion of Genesis creates the pattern that is life. That's the reason why God said, “Let there be light.” He couldn't say that until He had projected the second sphere and made the vesica piscis.

The Second Motion Creates the Star Tetrahedron

When spirit is in the center of its second sphere and looking down at the vesica piscis, it's looking upon a newly formed circle, the circle of the vesica piscis. This circle is the only thing that's new, and spirit's instructions are to go to what's newly created. It doesn't make any difference where it goes on the new circle. It cannot make a mistake; it just moves to somewhere on that circle and projects a new sphere as in Figure 5-36.

No matter where spirit lands, we can rotate the spheres to look like this drawing. So I'm going to say that it moved on the circle to point A, on the left. At that moment a huge amount of information was created (in every motion of Genesis, vast amounts of knowledge come out). The first creation produced the sphere. The first motion/day produced the vesica piscis, which is the basis of light. The second motion/day produced, in the interpenetrating relationship between the three spheres, the basic geometries of the star tetrahedron [Fig. 5-37], which you will soon see is one of the most important shapes for life.

We're not going to get into all the information that was formed at this time, but each time a new sphere is formed, more and more information unfolds and more and more creative patterns become visible. After the first and second motions have taken place—from anywhere on the sphere to anywhere on the circle (no matter how spirit moved, no matter where it went on the circle/sphere, it will always be perfect)—it will begin to move exactly on the equator of the original sphere. There are an infinite number of equators on that sphere, but it will choose a perfect one.

“Move to That Which is Newly Created” until Completion

After that pattern is created, there's only one instruction left to follow—forever. The only other action to be taken until the end of time is always to move to the innermost circle point(s) and project another sphere.

For the sake of clarity, let's define what we mean by “innermost circle point.” Look at Figure 5-36. In this case there are three innermost circle points. If your eye were to trace the outside perimeter of this pattern, it would come to three places that are the closest places to center. It is these “closest places to center” that we are calling the innermost circle points. In the case of the Genesis pattern that this movement of spirit is creating, there are six innermost circle points.

So with this in mind, spirit starts moving exactly around the equator of the original or central sphere. When it has traversed the full 360 degrees and reaches the point at which it started (which will be six points or movements), it begins to follow its second impulse (or instruction, for the mystery school students): Move to the innermost circle points, which are now located on the circumference of the original sphere where two vesica pisces intersect. Simply put, they are the points as close as possible to the outside of the pattern. That continual movement begins to form a vortex. This vortex motion creates different types of three-dimensional forms, one after another, which are the building blocks or blueprints of the entire Reality.

Once spirit has created the third sphere, it now moves to the innermost circle point and projects another sphere [Fig. 5-38]. There is information here, but it is too complex to discuss at this time.

This is very interesting; it is the fourth motion/day [Fig. 5-39]. It says in many Bibles in the world that on the fourth day of Genesis exactly one half of creation was completed. Starting from the first motion, exactly one half of the circle was formed [Fig. 5-39a]. We have moved exactly 180 degrees from the point of the first motion. Figure 5-40 is the fifth day of Genesis—more information. And then on the sixth day [Fig. 5-41] a geometric miracle takes place: the last circle forms a complete six-petaled flower. This is what many of the earlier Bibles meant when they said, “In the beginning there were six.” Our Bible now says that creation was formed in six days, and this fits exactly. This is the pattern of Genesis, so we refer to it as the Genesis pattern. It's the beginning of the creation of this universe we live in.

These original movements of spirit are really important. This is why I spend so much time going through this near the beginning of this course. Later on we'll get more complex, but for now this is just the beginning of how the manifestation of Reality is created.

We'll pull these 3D shapes off the page in a minute, one by one. If they could be made solid, you could look at them and hold them in your hands. We will begin to ground this abstract information into Reality for you. Then we're going to take them further to show you how they actually create the Reality we live in. If you study this on your own, you'll be seeing some extremely elaborate aspects of creation come from this explanation of the Reality. If you were constructing these geometries yourself, you would draw a line somewhere in the sacred geometry that spirit makes as it moves through the Void, and it'll mean something amazing; then another line will mean something else even more amazing. Life began simply, then created the complex world we live in.

This is not just mathematics, and it's not just circles or geometries. This is the living map of the creation of all Reality. You must understand this or you'll get lost and won't understand what this book is leading to. The reason we're doing all this is so that your left brain can understand the unity of all creation so that polarity consciousness can be transcended.