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On October 2008, a self-proclaimed member of an elite ruling family, who went by the nickname "Hidden Hand", began a question & answer discourse with the users of the Above Top Secret forums. It has become a quite well-known material on matters of esoterism, especially in regards to humanity, for the intelligence of the messenger and the depth of the message.

The subjects discussed are varied, but one the most poignant messages that were transmitted was that this "Hidden Hand" — and 13 original bloodlines, which he/she belongs to — are in actuality the Soul Group known as Lucifer, incarnated here in our reality to help us advance spiritually.

Lucifer introduced the Knowledge of Polarity at a time when we had but a few to no tools at our hands to evolve, giving us the choice between a Positive or Negative path (or maybe something in-between, but eventually you'll have to make a choice). And, in accordance with the Mayan calendar, it is time to bring the Polars to the extremes.

You probably thought the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, and other such powerful families, were the ones at the top of the Pyramid. Well... think again. Bloodlines of non earthly lineage have been pulling the strings from behind the scenes, if in a subtly manner, way before we began recording our history.

However, as with any material of this sort, I suggest you follow this advice: take what resonates, and don't believe anything blindly. You actually may have to read these answers more than once — putting together what you already know (or what you thought you knew) with the information presented here is a task that will require some meditation. Even so... Didn't you ever get the feeling that it all seems too simple? Greed, power, corruption... All of that shielding a mystery for which we may now have answers.

You will notice that there are multiple mentions of The Law of One, also known as The Ra Material, which speaks of very similar concepts, but in much greater depth and detail. Once you're finished here, if you still hunger for more, The Law of One is the next step.

Is this a hoax? I personally doubt it. I've never seen a hoax treat the message delivered with such respect, nor provided with such speed and eloquence. I do take into account, however, that this is from 2008, and the talks of a coming Harvest in 2012... may as well be metaphorical, or a miscalculation of the Mayan calendar . In any case, read on, and decide for yourself...

First Session

Second Session

Third Session

Fourth Session

Fifth Session

Sixth Session